Naagin Foods is a food company committed to bringing a new look and a spicy Indian twist to your cooking or consumption experience as an ingredient, add-on, tastemaker or condiment. As a brand, we believe everyone wants to improve their lifelong relationship with food exploration. So, we set out to make an Indian Hot Sauce around the India we love – unique, hot, fun, flavourful and made with integrity and love.

What we believe in:

Real Ingredients: We don’t cut corners or costs. We just cut and blend real, fresh ingredients.
Premium Indian Chillies: Chilli peppers are the stars of our sauces and only the best ones make the cut!
Ethically Sauced: Eco-friendly at heart, we consider social impact when we source our ingredients.
100% Vegan: Flavour that packs a punch, your search ends before it’s begun. It’s totally vegan.

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