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Shunya Go is a super-herb infused drink enriched with vitamins & electrolytes. Perfect for the everyday athletes and the once-a-week warriors, this zero-calorie drink is the better hydration to help you #FindYourFlow. Packed with the power of Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Khus and Kokum - Shunya Go is filled with natural goodness and promises great taste, right down to its last drop.

With Zero Sugar, Zero Fruit Sugar and Zero Artificial Sweeteners and Zero Preservatives, Shunya Go is an Active Hydration drink that makes your feel light yet energised. It’s 100% naturally sweetened, making it the perfect replacement for sugary drinks and fruit drinks, that are in fact loaded with excessive amounts of fruit sugar. Available in three refreshing fruity flavours, drink up when you’re pushing the limits, picking up that dumbbell or simply looking for a healthy, tasty thirst-quencher.


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