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About Us

Our Vision – Hamara Lakshya
Make Bharat Atmanirbhar By Supporting Our Rising Local Brands

Our Mission – Hamara Siddhant

Our Story – Hamari Shuruaat
Once upon a time, there were a group of people who shared same beliefs & dreams; the dream of an Atmanirbhar Bharat where each and every Bharatiya is independent, confident and content. They wanted to connect back to our traditions that binds us together, roots that keep us grounded, cultures that remind us of our taste, and values that make us a true Bharatiya. They wanted to celebrate that spirit by buying, selling, and being vocal for products & services ‘Made locally by Bharatiya’.

That’s when Bharatiya was born.
It is an inclusive platform for the rising local brands from every nook and corner of the country who share our vision of #VocalForLocal and are taking small steps towards Atmanirbharta.
You can shop from a wide range of products across categories that sustain the essence of our soil & protects our heritage in the most magnificent way.


Become a Buyer – Kharidaari Aapki, Zimmedaari Humari
 ✅ Good Quality
 ✅ Reasonable Prices
 ✅ Made in India
Be a part of the wave to support our rising local brands by buying, selling or promoting their products!
All the products listed on Bharatiya go through rigorous safety & quality measures personally verified by our committed team. We make sure that a second thought never crosses your mind when you read ‘organic’, ‘chemical-free’, or ‘vegan’ because we make it our point to make only the purest & the most genuine products available to you.
Apart from getting quality at reasonable price, you would also be supporting Indian rising brands who are thriving to make India Atmanirbhar.
Win-Win.Isn’t it?

Become a Seller – Products Aapke, Platform Humara
Bharatiya provides you with a reliable platform backed by the continuous support of our dedicated team to make your local brand a global one. We bridge the gap between you and your customers who have put their valuable and immense trust on us.
With detailed feedback, suggestions, and intelligence from the customers, we help you make your product better which would perfectly fit the local as well as global market. You will also be able to test your sample product with the customers who are willing to volunteer and give feedback before you launch your product in the market.

#VocalForLocal – Naye Bharat Ki Nayi Shuruaat
From exporting our excellent quality agro-products to travelling to Mars, time and again Indians have exceeded their expectations and have shown the world our endless capabilities to achieve anything we desire. With the best engineering, agro products, and professionals & services, we are committed to making the world more sustainable & better equipped for the generations to come.
We want all Bharatiyas to be a part of either by buying, selling, or promoting the products listed on our website. We want to build an ecosystem where creativity and innovation can thrive & where the coming generations have access to safe and quality Indian products. We adore the beauty in our diversity and we believe in the power of a United Bharat. We aim to move ahead by going back to our core culture with new dreams, new thoughts, and a new perspective.

Jai Hind! 🇮🇳