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Dhampur Green Cashew Caramel Brittles 200g

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Cashew Caramel Brittles - 200g

Let us take you back in times when there were no sugar candies then nut brittles (candied nuts) were made at home by loving mothers by caramelising sugar and adding roasted nuts. Kaju Caramel Chikki/ Gajjak or Caramel Cashew Brittles is a traditional Indian snack passed through the ages and is loved by all ages alike. Perfectly roasted and crushed cashews in wholesome jaggery caramel makes it a healthy yet yummy treat between the meals, after meals or simply when you’re bored. Almond Caramel Brittle is a fusion between traditional Indian chikki and contemporary tastes. Goodness of almonds and addictively tasty makes it ideal snack or after meal dessert. Different parts of the world call brittles under different names like Sohan in Iran, Croquant in France, Thua Tat in Thailand, Chikki/Gajak in India and so on.
A little bite of brittles goes a long way! Chikki is a good source of energy, it keeps you full for a longer time so you can easily bid goodbye to those unnecessary junk cravings. Yes, we got your back!