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Dhampur Green Demerara Brown Sugar 3kg (Pack of 3x1kg)

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This quick-dissolving, easily blendable, free-flowing sugar is great to pour into your coffee or tea, top your morning oatmeal, or sprinkle your sugar cookies when they are just out of the oven.

Brown Sugars also have a tendency to harden sometimes due to a prolonged exposure to air; when the moisture in the sugar has evaporated. Again, that’s nothing to worry about because the sugar hasn’t gone bad. Add a few apple wedges to the jar, seal it, and let it set overnight, or until the sugar softens. Your brown sugar is as good as new! Storage- tastes best stored between 20°-25°c. Golden granulated sugar with natural molasses layer.

Cappuccino, espresso coffee, mocha, latte, desi chai, turmeric latte.

Natural even browning of baked products.

Natural source of minerals and micro-nutrients.

Unbleached and without any chemicals.

Replacement for ordinary table sugar or anywhere in cooking.

Vegan & gluten-free product