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Dhampur Green Gur Besan Laddu 400g

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Gur Besan Laddu with Desi Ghee is the premium and exclusive range from Dhampur Green. Our indulgent and aspirational range made from the finest ingredients such as gur, besan and some dry fruits, we cater to an audience of evolved and varied tastes while remaining true to Dhampur core values of trust and quality.

No Added Sugar: Dhampur Gur Besan Laddu has no added sugar. Taste of these laddu is delicious & it will remind you of your grandmother. You Will love the homely taste of these laddus.

Suitable for Vegetarians:  It is a vegan product, and a healthy snacking option for you.

Rich & Healthy Source of Nutrition: These Dhampur Gur Besan laddus are made of natural and vegan products which contains all the essential nutrients thus making it rich source of nutrition, super healthy and tasty.

Indian sweets with jaggery mean: taste with health. We have reverse engineered traditional Indian sweets to take them back by centuries when those were made with shakkar before refined white sugar arrived on industrial scale. Jaggery or Gur is unrefined concentrated sugarcane juice naturally loaded with micro nutrients.  Dhampur Green works with farmers to help them market traditional food grains and crops like sugarcane, milk, millets, vegetables, spices, etc.  Consumer gets a range of ready to eat products made from certified organic ingredients with completely natural ingredients. We promise taste will make you nostalgic and future generations will be proud of Indian culture and food. Make each day a festival with Gur / Jaggery /Shakkar Mithai. Feel festive every time you have it! Celebrate life by owning your health!