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Dhampur Green Gur Chana ( Pouch ) 150g ( pack of 3x150g)

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Each pack MRP 90/- on 150g - pack of 5pc


This is crisp like a nut-cracker but without nuts; oil-free. Gur (jaggery) and chana (chickpeas) used to be the first meal of the day across families in several parts of India. The interesting combination of Gur chana is also an ideal post-workout snack, as Gur is digested slower than sugar and releases energy slowly, keeping you energetic for a longer time. Jaggery is often given to factory workers to minimize dust allergies. Jaggery and Chickpeas contain traces of mineral salts, both being beneficial for the human body. If you are on a diet, or on a religious fast (vrat), you can eat it anytime anywhere! Helps serve your instant energy needs.

  • Rice source of protein, fiber and iron
  • Boosts immunity, digestion & intestinal (gut) health
  • Helps serve your instant energy needs
  • Tasty and healthy anytime snack; roasted and not fried
  • Oil-Free, Gluten-Free, vegan