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Dhampur Green Gur Imli Goli 570g- (Buy 1 get 1 free )

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Gur Imli Goli 570g Each Pack MRP 130rs
Buy 1 packet of Gur  Imli Goli 570g & get 1 packet for free.

Tangy and refreshing, this mouth-watering candy tickles the child inside you & around you! Loaded with the goodness of natural jaggery / brown sugar rolled in ripe tamarind, delicious flavour and tangy taste, kick starts your digestion.

Recreated a forgotten treat from your childhood

Made with ripe tamarind pulp processed, spices jaggery and brown sugar in ideal proportions

Digestive candy that makes anyone drool

Store in a cool & dry place, consume within 15 days once opened