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Dhampur Green Gur Saunf Rusk 200 (pack of 3x200g)

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Gur Saunf Rusk - 200g MRP 99( 1pc)   

Gur Saunf Rusk is a perfect crispy crunchy chai-time essential for everyone in the family. Dunk it or dip it to indulge into a wholesome pleasure. Rusks are usually made with refined flour and sugar. Our Jaggery Semolina rusks have more nutritional value, are rich in dietary fibre, and are crispy, crunchy and lighter. Other brand rusks are made with refined flour, milk solids, and sugar, all of which contribute to the calorie quotient. If you are watching your calorie intake or managing your weight, then it is best to go for the this one on your cheat days. Infused with real cardamom (Elaichi) and fennel seeds (saunf), it releases a sweet and delicious aroma in every bite. Enjoy hearty and healthy mornings and evenings with our healthy Gur Sooji Rusks, best had with warm milk, coffee, or tea. Always store it in an airtight container to prevent the rusks from getting soggy.

  • Baked to perfection, enriched with elaichi and saunf, this is your perfect companion to the daily cup of piping chai. They’ll make your chai-time even more enjoyable. Enjoy it at your home or office as an evening snack or a sweet munching snack for your anytime chai!
  • Pure vegetarian: these handmade crisp toasties are 100% vegetarian and loved by young and old alike.
  • Made using chemical-free jaggery (gur), durum wheat, and infused with cardamom (Elaichi) & fennel seeds (saunf), our rusks release a sweetly tasty delicate aroma in every bite.
  • Our handy and super-convenient pack of bite-sized Suji Rusk snacks comes in a single-use freshness retention pack, that makes it super easy for you to store and take along.
  • Always store this product in an airtight container to prevent the rusks from getting soggy.