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Dhampur Green Oats Jaggery Cookies 400g (pack of 2x2g)

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Wholesome and delicious Oats Jaggery Cookies with the natural sweetness of organic jaggery. This junk-free snack is mindfully made to nourish you and your family so that you can enjoy it without feeling guilty. Made after a careful selection of ingredients, we at Dhampur Green, offer healthy snacks that digest slow, avoiding any sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Enjoy falling in love at the first bite! No Preservatives or Artificial Flavours.

- Great with your bed tea, while working from home, or as an anytime snack

- Guilt-free healthy binging

- No preservatives or artificial flavours

- Made with organic jaggery

- Check out our Gur mithais, health snacks, jaggery types, speciality sugars, sugarcane juice jams, and more!

We will make you love cookies. Challenge!! Tastiest cookies make with healthiest ingredients.  

  • Refined sugar replaced with wholesome gur / Shakkar.
  • Maida (refined wheat flour) replaced with wholesome millets / whole wheat flour / oats.
  • Fats / oil reduced by half.
  • Hand crafted by expert bakers.

Surprise yourself how we have reengineered coockies and took them back by centuries when all flours were course grain and baking was by a nanbai. Get nostalgic and indulge.