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Dhampur green Thandai Kesari Badam 750ml

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Thandai is a traditional royal drink filled with flavour & nutrients. A delicious recipe made using all premium natural ingredients and can be consumed all year round. Native to India and is often associated with the Holi and Maha Shivaratri.

Dhampur Green is a celebration of the rich culture and diversity of Indian food. The brand is born out of the love for traditional and authentic Indian food – it’s a story of journeys and discovering whats the “special” food in each state/city. Our wide product range comprises of specialities like the Qawah of Kashmir to the freshly fried crispy banana chips of Kerala, from the many chiwdas of Maharashtra to the black rice of Manipur. Every meal can be made a fine dining experience at home! With Delight Foods, consumers no longer miss their real home food irrespective of where they are living – and foodies can explore a different state cuisine every day: Goa or Bengal !