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Dhampur Green White Sugar Cubes 1.5 kg (pack of 3x500g)

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White Sugar Cubes -500g pack 

Dhampur Green White Sulphur free Sugar Cubes are a hygienic & luxurious way to sweeten your cup of coffee/ tea. Ideal for cafe and table use. Cubes offer precise portion control in an elegant and no-mess serving. Each cube is equivalent to 1 tsp sugar approx. Avoid counterfeit products sold and shipped directly from the manufacturer.

  1. Made with Sulphur free pharma grade sugar.
  2. They can be used to sweeten a cold drink, iced tea, coffee, beverages, and cocktails.
  3. Quick dissolving, clean & hygienic.
  4. Luxurious serving, easy handling.
  5. Ideal for travel & table-use for a non-messy serving.