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Dhamapur Green GUR KA CHOORMA (Whole Wheat and Jaggery Crumble) 200g

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Whole Wheat and Jaggery Crumble “Gur ka Churma” is the ready to eat dessert. It is the perfect blend of jaggery and whole wheat in the perfect ratio, which makes it yummy and delicious. It contains jaggery as the main ingredient which makes it special and healthy. It is easy to make without losing any taste. It doesn’t contain any preservatives which makes it healthy.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour (Atta) (35%), Ghee (Purified Butter) (35%), Jaggery (20%), Almonds, Milk Solid


  • It is easy to consume and also to serve.
  • It supplies all the required nutrients without any added sugar disadvantages.
  • It is rich in nutrients.