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Good Roots Sabudana (1 Kg)

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Sabudana is actually a form of tapioca, also known as cassava root. This plant is very common across India, Southeast Asian countries and South America to name a few countries. Sabudana refers to the starch that is extracted from tapioca roots, which is then processed to form spherical pearls that may vary in size. The pearls are produced by passing the moist starch through a sieve under pressure, and then dried.

Shelf Life: 12 months

100% Natural | Additive-free | Ethically Sourced | No Artificial Colour

Why is it good for you?

  • Contains a decent amount of potassium that helps to keep your BP in check
  • Good source of resistant starch
  • Convenient and quick source of carbs

How to use?

Soak the sabudana pearls in water before cooking, Once the pearls are well-drained and pat dry, they are then stir-fried with other ingredients and spices to make the popular sabudana khichdi or vada .Add it to your faloodas, bubble teas, fruit slash and other sweetened beverages to add some texture or bite to it.

Food Fact:

Commercially, sago is used as a thickener due to its viscous properties.