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Ishavasyam's Kerala Wild Forest Honey (450 g)

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Raw | Unheated | Unprocessed | Natural | Wild Forest | Medicinal | Traditional | Ancient | Ayurvedic

Ishavasyam brings you the finest raw, unheated, unprocessed wild forest honey filtered with just a piece of muslin cloth under extremely hygenic conditions from deep inside forests of Kerala, this wild honey comes from the nectar of wildflowers & wild trees of Kerala Forest and hence the name. Wild bees collect divine nectar from medicinal, ayurvedic herbal plants and trees deep inside forest.

No mobile towers, no human intervention, no pollution, no pesticides, no fertilizers, from deep inside forest, straight from naturally occuring beehives, no bee is killed or harmed during the extraction of honey from beehives, completely non-violent process is followed.

The bees are dispersed through smoke generated by smoke of forest tree leaves

The taste and composition are said to change with the seasons. What doesn’t change is the endless list of benefits.


Energy - 12.48kcal
Carbohydrate - 77.71g
Proteins - 0.41g
Fat - NIL
Sugar - 76.31g
Calcium - 38.16g
Iron - 7.46g
Sodium - 2.25g