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Jivika Naturals Tulsi Giloy Juice (500 ml)

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The perfect blend of Tulsi and Giloy is as refreshing as it is nourishing. Following the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Tulsi Giloy Juice can help enrich your quality of life by bringing a healthy balance to your Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


Two cups a day of this miracle tonic can help purify and revitalise your body.


Health Benefits of Natural Tulsi Giloy Juice


Tulsi Giloy for Immunity

Regular consumption of Natural Tulsi Giloy Juice can improve your immune response. Furthermore, it can be used to help fight existing ailments like cold, flu, hay fever, etc. Tulsi Giloy is great for maintaining respiratory health and for fighting off conditions like arthritis and gout.


Tulsi Giloy for Digestive Health

Adding Tulsi Giloy to your daily routine can act as a digestive aid and help in effective absorption of food. It can further improve liver function and overall digestive health.


Tulsi Giloy for Stress

Aside from its many benefits to physical wellbeing, Tulsi Giloy is great for maintaining a healthy and refreshed mind. Natural Tulsi Giloy Juice is a perfect replacement for your evening cup of tea with its relaxing and calming effects.


Tulsi Giloy for Immunity

Both Giloy and Tulsi have been used in Ayurveda to help boost the body’s ability to fight off diseases and ailments. Tulsi Giloy Juice can be effective in combating allergies, chronic fever, dengue, etc. It can also help against arthritis and gout due to its anti-inflammatory properties.