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Kripadhara Coconut Oil 200ml I 100% Cold Pressed I 100% Wood Pressed I Ultra Virgin

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We manufacture Coconut oil in traditional way from Ball copras whose water has been absorbed with in and is sun dried. It is cleaned, sortexed, sound, spotless and lab certified.
Its pure oil with no blending, so can be use for cooking as well as body care (hair or body massage etc.) 

---  Great Health BENEFITS OF Coconut OIL--

1.For shiny bouncy and strong hair. An excellent hair tonic
2.Its universal beauty Oil. Rich in linoleic Acid.
3.Best remedy for dark circles on under arms, under eyes, knees, elbows, and neck. Cures skin disorders
4.For clean, clear and youthful skin. An effective sunscreen
5.Natural make up / color remover from skin.
6.Best massage oil for babies and children for proper growth.
7.Suitable for low temp. Cooking.
8.Mouth cleanser for fresh breath and to take out toxins and germs from mouth through oil pulling in summers.
9.It is the cooling oil for summers.