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Kripadhara Black Sesame Oil 100ml I 100% Cold Pressed I 100% Wood Pressed I Ultra Virgin

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We manufacture Sesame oil in traditional way from cleaned, sortexed, dried, sound, spotless and lab certified with moisture controlled sesame seeds in air tight bags. Its pure oil with no blending, so can be use for cooking as well as body care (massage etc.) 

-  Great Health BENEFITS OF Natural Black Sesame OIL-

1.Black Sesame Oil is best amongst all the Oils, as per Ayurveda.
2.Traditional Indian Oil for Ayurvedic massages
3.Makes hair shiny, bouncy, silky and healthy.
4.Best remedy for hair fall, baldness & graying of hair through hair massage.
5.It naturally promotes hair growth
6.Helps to relieve joint pain through massage
7.Removes stretch marks from body
8.Healthy cooking oil
9.Either Fat loss or weight gain  through body massage
10.It's application in both nostrils prevents from Corona and other diseases. This oil makes a biological film in nostrils to prevent any entry of bacteria, germs, virus or dust particle in body.
11.Complete dental care and mouth care thru. Gandoosh (Oil Pulling) early in morning by keeping and swirling 5-10mL oil in mouth, thereafter spitting it.
12.Best baby massage oil for growth of muscles, bones, and body skeleton, due to high calcium content.

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