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Lil'Goodness Multigrain Carrot Crackers (100 g) (pack of 4)

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What?s up Doc?
Kids do not eat carrots as Bugs Bunny did, so we?ve brought a better way!
The goodness of 3 carrots in a 100g pack of crunchy, tasty, snack using fresh ingredients, especially baked under ?mom like? supervision for your lil?ones. Higher nutrient retention by temperature and time-controlled baking.
Made with ingredients that kids love & packed in the right size to be the perfect at home or on the go snack for your lil? Ones.

Rich in Protein, Fiber and essential vitamins (A,E), Minerals (Calcium and Zinc)
Helps build immunity- contains on an average 25 % of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Zinc
No added preservatives or colors
Baked not fried
Healthy alternative to potato crisps, chips, nachos and other fried snacks
Healthy for adults also- Zero trans-fats
Made using real carrots and chees