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Radhikas Fine Teas Calming Greek Sage Tisane (50 g) Makes 25 Cups

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How can a man grow old who has sage in his garden, goes an old saying quoted in Persia, China and some parts of Europe. Sage derived from the word 'Salvia' means the Saviour and true to its meaning this herb cures heals and promotes good health. Radhika discovered the true magic of this herb on her tea trails to Pylos hills in 2015. Apart from its widely known healing properties.

Radhika strongly recommends this aromatic, romantic and delicate brew if you are constantly on your toes mentally and physically and are looking for a moment with your inner self or your better half. An instant nerve-calmer, a resilient cold and cough warrior and a steady bridge leading to your soul mate, CALMING Greek Sage Tisane is a solace you can blindly bank on. Blended with superior black leaf to enhance robustness.

Ingredients :

Sage Herbs & Black Leaf 

Benefits :

(1) Anti-inflammatory
(2) High Antioxidants
(3) Control blood sugar
(4) Improves mood & memory

Direction of Use :

(1) Take a tablespoon of tisane sprigs and add to 2 cups of boiling water on the gas
(2) Simmer for 3 min, strain and serve warm
(3) Cool for 2-3 hours with honey & cinnamon for a chilled infusion

Specification :

Antioxidant Level: 5/5
Caffeine Level: 2/5 

Tasting Notes :

Delicate & Subtle