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Radhikas Fine Teas BEAUTEA China Baby Rose Buds Decaf Tisane (50 g) Makes 25 Cups

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The star of our artisan range, baby rose buds are handpicked specially for you from the gardens of Laoshan Qingdao. Organically grown, processed and freshly packed right at the source, the fragrance of this tea is a beautiful blend of fresh mountain air and flowing stream. Tender, fresh and alluring, Baby Rose Bud infusions are perfect to add that extra oomph to your romantic pursuits with its delicate, fragrant and smooth aftertaste.

Rich in antioxidants, this infusion can be savoured anytime during the day for hydration, great skin, anti-ageing benefits, good digestion and tackling depression.

Ingredients :

Rose Buds

Benefits :

(1) Aids Digestion
(2) High Antioxidants
(3) Boost Health
(4) Regulates sugar level

Direction of Use :

(1) Take 1 Tbsp in a cup or glass kettle
(2) Boil 1.5 Teacup of water and pour over the leaves. Avoid overboiling
(3) Re-steep several times
(4) Cool for 2-3 hours with honey & cinnamon for a chilled infusion

Specification :

Antioxidant Level: 5/5
Caffeine Level: 0/5 

Tasting Notes :

Fresh, Tender & Aromatic