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Radhikas Fine Teas CALMING Chamomile Flower Decaf Chinese Tisane (50 g) Makes 25 Cups

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Specially handpicked from the Fujian province of China, each chamomile flower is cautiously selected and dried with care. An infusion so pure and calming that it is often referred to as the comfort tea by tea lovers. Watching the chamomile flowers bloom in your teacup is a meditative experience in itself.

Once ready, sit back and sip your worries away, with the delicate, aromatic, earthy and sweet flavour of this magical infusion to switch your Zen mode on. As a quiet moment tea, chamomile also aids in digestion, calms the nerves and gives you a happy, radiant skin.

Ingredients :

Chamomile Flower

Benefits :

(1) Aids Digestion
(2) High Antioxidants
(3) Boost Health
(4) Regulates sugar level

Direction of Use :

(1) Take 1tbsp of the tisane in cup. 2x for a transparent kettle
(2) Boil 1.5cups of water, calm bubbles post a boil & pour over the flowers
(3) Steep the brew upto 5 mins
(4) Can re-steep several times
(5) Cool for 2-3 hours with honey and cinnamon for a chilled ice tea  

Specification :

Antioxidant Level: 5/5
Caffeine Level: 0/5 

Tasting Notes :

Earthy, Aromatic & Sweet