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Radhikas Fine Teas Radiance China Jasmine Flower Decaf Tisane (50 g) Makes 25 Cups

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Jasmine the native to ancient Persia was brought to china 1700 years ago. Planted in the province of Fujian, with some of the finest chinary bushes and a specific combination of climate. Our Jasmine Flower Decaf Radiance tisane is said to have immunity benefits. Jasmine tisane contains several different kinds of antioxidants.

Known for its comforting, relaxing and warming properties, the jasmine flower Decaf radiance tisane is considered to help brighten one's mood, and used as a soothing beneficial beverage. This tisane is a quiet-moment beverage that can be had any time when you long to get in touch with your inner self and relax. Jasmine Flower Decaf Tisane is our RADIANCE Tea for you.

Ingredients :

Jasmine Flowers

Benefits :

(1) Aids Digestion
(2) High Antioxidants
(3) Boost Health
(4) Regulates sugar level

Direction of Use :

(1) Take 2 ttsp of tisane in a cup or a transparent kettle
(2) Boil 1.5 teacup of water and pour over the leaves. Avoid overboiling
(3) Steep upto 5 min in hot water to watch the flower dance
(4) Re-steep several times as per your palate
(5) Cool 2-3 hours with honey and cinnamon for a chilled infusion

Specification :

Antioxidant Level: 5/5
Caffeine Level: 0/5 

Tasting Notes :

Fresh & Aromatic