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Soaptreez Stain Remover (200 ml)

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Soaptreez Spot Remover is formulated specially to remove stains from the clothes.
It is made out of natural plant-based ingredients that are safe for the cloth.
Safe for use on all types of fabric including delicate fabrics like silk and cotton.
It removes the stain safely without affecting the color and texture of the cloth.
Just spraying on the stain and brushing after a while will remove the stain.
Free from toxic fragrances and synthetic colors.
Safe for hands, safe for cloths and safe for Earth.
How to use-
Spray the liquid liberally on the stain. Wait for a few minutes. Gently rub the stain. Wash as usual.
About Natural Stain Remover Liquid-
Got a stain on your favorite dress? don?t worry! Just spray Soaptreez Spot remover liberally on the stain. Wait for a while and brush the spot. Now it has gone. Soaptreez Spot Remover contains natural ingredients. So it does not harm the fabric. The color and texture will be maintained safely. You need not discard your favorite and cherished dresses just because of a stain.
Soaptreez spot remover will remove the stain easily and effectively. It can be used to remove stains on all types of fabric like silk, wool and other delicate materials. It contains natural ingredients, so it can be used by people with sensitive skin too. Even kids wear can be treated with this Soaptreez Spot Remover. Safe for hands, safe for fabric and eco friendly.
Natural stain remover liquid does not contain-
Sodium Sulfate
Palm Oil
Petroleum Solvents
Artificial Colours and Fragrances
Benefits of using Soapnut:
Stains are removed without damaging the fabric
Does not stain the cloths
Easy to use
Effective in stain removal
It does not affect the quality and life of the clothes