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Soaptreez Washing Liquid (200 ml)

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Soaptreez laundry detergent containing natural plant-based ingredients, natural salts and minerals.
Can be used for washing all types of fabric including delicate fabrics like silk and wool.
Being natural product, it is safe for kid clothes too.
The best laundry detergent for people with sensitive skin.
Suitable for washing by hands and through machine-both front load and top load washing machines.
The quality and lustre of the fabric are maintained.
It not only removes the dirt but also makes the clothes soft and fresh.
It does not bleed the colors and fade away the color of the fabric.
Being a liquid, it does not clog the washing machine tubes and drain pipes.
Free from strong toxic chemical fragrances and artificial colors.
Safe for hands, safe for the fabric and safe for the planet.
How to use-
Use 20 ml for mildly soiled laundry. Use twice the dose for heavily soiled clothes. For stains, pour the liquid directly on the stain. After a few minutes, gently rub and wash. Wash whites separately. For white clothes add Better White tabs as pre-soaker.
For bucket wash, pour the liquid and then fill with water. Soak the clothes for 20-30 minutes before washing.
About Natural Laundry Detergent-
Washing clothes is a challenge that requires patience, muscle power and time. Soaptreez natural laundry detergent makes this a pleasant experience and stress-free. Soaptreez laundry detergent helps in washing your delicate and most cherished clothes in a gentle manner. Since it is free from harsh chemicals, it does not damage the quality of the fabric. It can be used for washing your toddler?s and kid?s clothes since it does not leave any residue after washing. So it can be used for washing clothes of people with sensitive skin without the fear of skin rashes.
It can be used for washing by hand and by washing machines. Soaptreez laundry liquid is designed in such a way that it can be used in both front loading and top-loading washing machines. Since it contains fabric softener, no additional fabric softener is required. Soaptreez laundry liquid contains natural antimicrobial agent which removes the germs from your clothes. Being a liquid, it does not clog the washing machine tubes and drain outlets. So it minimizes cleaning the washing machine often. Since it contains natural ingredients, it is biodegradable. So it is safe for our waterways and so it is eco friendly too.
Natural laundry detergent does not contain-
Sodium Sulphate
Palm Oil
Petroleum Solvents
Artificial Colours and Fragrances
Benefits of using Soaptreez:
Removes dirt effectively without damaging the fabric
Colour of the cloths will be maintained without fading
Life of the clothes will be more
Makes the fabric soft and fresh
Maintains the quality and lustre of the fabric